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April 14, 2011
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Gerard giggled, walking happily as a girl around the hotel room. He shared room with Frank, while Bob and Mikey shared another one, Ray getting a room for his own. Frank was in the bathroom, taking a shower. Gerard got on his knees and hands, looking under the bed before he took a pair of handcuffs from under the bed, still giggling.

He opened the door of the bathroom slowly, getting some of the hot water's mist out of the room. He closed the door and walked quietly towards Frank, who had a towel wrapped around his waist while drying his hair with other towel. Frank was all quiet working on his hair when he felt something cold on his wrists. He looked up, dropping the towel on his head, and saw his hands had the handcuffs Gerard had moments ago.

"What the-" Then, by his back, Gerard shut his mouth with a little towel. Frank at first thought someone was trying to kidnap him, but why would someone kidnap him in a hotel bathroom? However, it did look like Gerard was kidnapping him. Frank had the towel on his mouth enough to taste it; he also couldn't talk, just mumble. He mumbled a few things, scared.

"Shh, Frankie. The purpose with this is that no one has to hear us" Gerard whispered in his ear, tying the towel at the back of Frank's head. Frank mumbled Gerard's name in a question. Frank was about to turn himself, but Gerard started kissing his neck and with both hands he caressed Frank's chest, making him moan. Then Gerard took him by his waist, and leaded him to the door. Frank thought they were going out, but Gerard made him sit on the floor, his back on the door.

Gerard then took the little chain that connected the handcuffs together, and placed it on the knob of the door, raising Frank's arms. Frank could easily raise his hands a little more, but Gerard sat on his lap, and continued caressing his body, kissing his neck. He ghosted Frank's lips with his own.

"We're not gonna need this." He said, removing the towel Frank had around his waist. Frank blushed, being naked in front of his best friend. Gerard then licked his neck, smiling as he caressed Frank's nipples with his thumbs, making the shorter man gasp and moan louder, though he couldn't be heard at all with the towel on his mouth, making him get hard. Soon, Gerard got hard too just by seeing the other blushing as he moaned.

He continued caressing Frank's body, and got up and away. When he was back, he had a little bottle. Frank looked at him with confused eyes.
"What? Don't you need lub?" Gerard asked, unbuttoning his jeans. He let them fall along his boxers, throwing them to the floor. He sat in front of Frank again, and kissed his collarbone twice before putting some liquid on his hand. Then, with that hand, he started stroking himself, to get his entire member covered with the liquid.

He caressed Frank's thighs, making him moan. Then Gerard lifted his legs, holding them by the back part of his thighs, making his legs at each of Frank's sides. Frank shook his head, like trying to ask Gerard to stop.
"Shaddup. You're not getting out until I hear you screaming my name" he said, with a smirk, before getting his shirt off. Then he introduced himself into Frank, making him gasp and bite the towel hardly, not capable of be heard moaning at all. Gerard started thrusting in, Frank's legs still at his side so it wouldn't be hard for Gerard to get in and out, being there on the floor.

He thrust in many times before he got velocity enough to make Frank moan louder and throw his head back until it crashed softly with the door. The door was also making noise, being pushed by Frank, who was being pushed by Gerard. Gerard then started sweating softly as he speeded up once again, his hips moving forth and back, and noticed some sweat drops on Frank's body too, Gerard thrusting in faster and faster, the door making louder noises.

"Say my name, bitch" Gerard said in a playful way, knowing Frank would never say his name until Gerard would free him of the towel. Frank had his legs wrapped around Gerard's waist, though he wasn't moving them. Gerard wanted to "play" with Frank, have a little fun, though he didn't want to hurt him really. He thrust in many times, harder than before, Frank groaning and trying to mumble Gerard's name.

The older man hit something that made Frank gasp and moan louder, the moan sounding in his throat. Then Gerard slowed down, and got the towel away of Frank's mouth, throwing it to the floor. Then he ghosted Frank's lips again with his own lips, to see how urged Frank was. As his reply, Frank threw his lips against Gerard as fast and hard as he could, making Gerard grin. Frank really wanted him.

"So? Say my name and I'll stop" he whispered. Frank opened his mouth, but blushed, he pushed Gerard by his waist with his legs, letting Gerard know he didn't want him to stop. Gerard smirked, and kissed Frank's neck while he took the handcuffs' chain and let it fall, along Frank's hands. Even when he still had the handcuffs, Frank passed his arms over Gerard's head to let them rest on the older man's shoulders, but he couldn't hug him.

Now Frank was over Gerard, sat on him, Gerard's dick still into Frank. Gerard moved so Frank would move over him, feeling Gerard's little but hard thrusts. He then started lifting himself up to go down again, slowly. Gerard grinned before helping him, holding his waist. Frank moaned louder as Gerard got into him faster than before, faster than he thought.

However, the ecstasy in his body wouldn't allow him to open his eyes, still moaning while Gerard gasped. Frank had an incredible velocity, moaning louder and louder, not caring if someone could hear them; it was the most wonderful sex he had had, even if it was half-rape. Gerard gasped his name, making Frank want to say his name too. However, he did not, knowing that Gerard, being the tease diva he was, would stop.

"Come on…Say. My. Name." Gerard said, moving his hips and making both of them moan, hitting some spot they both loved. Gerard tried to thrust in deeper, hitting and rubbing that spot many times, and when he saw Frank more blushed than before he started stroking his member, making him moan even louder. He thrust in, stroking Frank as good as he could, getting Frank to almost shout while moaning. He squeezed Frank's dick not so hard, and hit that spot harder. It wasn't long until Frank felt himself getting to the edge.

"G-Gerard!" he shouted, before he came on Gerard's hand and chest, making Gerard came into him hardly. Gerard wanted it to be longer, so he thrust in a last time, making both of them moan, before getting himself out of Frank. Frank was on Gerard's lap, and raised his hands, so he wasn't 'hugging' Gerard anymore, letting his arms fall in front of him, and hid his face on Gerard's shoulder, exhausted.

Gerard got his pants, and got a little key out of the pocket, before throwing the jeans again to the floor. He unlocked the handcuffs, letting Frank's hands free. They stayed there long minutes, Gerard not moving, having Frank over him, not moving as well. Gerard reached his shirt, and cleaned some of the sweat on Frank's body, before his own sweat. He realized Frank was not moving, not even panting. He poked Frank many times, but he didn't move too much.

"Frank?" then he realized Frank fell asleep. Gerard grinned; he got Frank to shout his name. Then he got Frank off him, trying not to wake him up and put on his boxers and pants again, before lifting Frank, carrying him on his arms, still sleeping, his cheeks lightly pink. He got out of the bathroom and heard someone knocking the door.

"Gee? Frank?" it was Mikey's voice coming from outside. "Geez guys…you are making a lot of noise. What are you doing?"
"Nothing Mikes…just playing" Gerard said, not wanting Mikey to get in and see him carrying a naked sleeping Frank.
"Ok then….Uuh…if you get to hear something from Bob and mine's room…we are…playing too, yeah?" Mikey sounded shy, more like not wanting them to get into his room that night. Gerard could almost even feel Mikey's blush.

"Sure, Mikes, sure" Gerard said and got Frank into bed, before getting himself at his side.

Before falling asleep he giggled, knowing that he was going to have fun again the next day.

He had more toys to get Frank playing with him.

A Frerard :Dby Idunno09

Mature Content
For my dear ~chic898
Frerard rape...kind of :dummy:

And....yeah....Hope you like it :)

Frank and Gee and Mikey and Bob and the guys and that stuff and yeah (c) Themselves :dummy:

So...I didn't know how to call this so I just wrote 'A Frerard' x)

EDIT Sorry guys, missed the ending :noes: It's complete now :dummy:
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greendaylover765 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
You should write a continuation of it with mike and bob. Poor ray, he gets nothing!
Idunno09 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, I don't know, this is an ancient piece I don't think I'd continue. :blushes:
But thanks! :la:
ravenishappy Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
omfg i loled SO LOUD AT THE END!!
Idunno09 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I hope that's good :giggle:
GreenDayFanArt Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Strongerstrike Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
sexiest rape i ever heard of.
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