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Hello, guys! Pardon what I'm about to say, but I didn't miss internet much...because I was having such an amazing time I had no time to miss family, friends, internet, devA or home at all! It sounds harsh (and it kinda is), but I just couldn't help but being way too fascinated and into my school trip. If the other three were amazing (I have journals about them- a city, a place where we created rain [fuck yeah] and the past one, Xochicalco), this is like mixing the three of them in one and add it a bit more of sugar on top!

It was from Monday to Saturday, and heck, I'd never had a trip like that before. If anything, I had had to go out with friends for school stuff, but never actually spend a night with them, not to say 5 nights, 6 breakfasts, and even the damn hotel bed! AND IT WAS FREAKING AWESOMELIKEHELLOHMYGODICANBARELYCONTAINIT

I'll try to sum it all up as much as I can, so I'll have to leave some AWESOMESAUSTIC details out, so I'm sorry you can't share my same excitement and that I can't literally put in words not even a quarter of the awesomeness of the trip. :la:

WARNING: Extremely long-ass journal, as I write what I did for a whole, entire week. :giggle:

On Monday, a short day, we travelled for hours in the bus, and did biology work, and arrived to the hotel, where we had free hours to swim in the pool. I used to live by the sea before, so I was a swimmer for ten or eleven years of my life and even participated in official races and such until I moved far from the coast, and even though at first I still swam, I left it, and didn't get in a pool/lake/sea in like two years straight, AND SWIMMING AGAIN WAS LIKE ENTIRE MAGIC TO ME OHMYGODITWASSOGOOD I I I I ohgod, I adore the sensation of swimming, and I had forgotten just how much I love it. May re-take it now that I rediscovered it, I just need to find the time, probably on my senior year I'll have a more accesible schedule.

Then that same day we were taken to a hall in the hotel to stay at a presentation of Huapangos and Sones (mexican folkloric music), which were played by three kind gentlemen that are quite talented! :la: Here, have a Huapango if you want: 



And there was this BEAAAAAAAUUUUUUTIFUL spring there (the deepest part was 30 meters under the surface! :jawdrop:), and after more long, agonizing biology work, we were allowed in the water, at first just for more biology work. As it had to do with having to stay still, and there were lots of fish, I had a problem; I'm kinda...white, as in...a bit more than the average here (:paranoid:) and fish, well...when they see something sparkling (due to the sunlight on me) or something different, they go and think it's food, so...well, around twenty fish bit me. :blush:

Then we had a lot of time to just play around the spring AND I HAD SO MUCH FUN IT'S RIDICULOUS. I don't really like to show off my body, reason of why I don't wear shorts or skirts (and if I do I wear something underneath), and never take off hoodies unless I can't stand it, so I was very scared form thef irst day, but if I like something of my classmates is that they've been helping me from the mere exams for the school without even knowing; because most of them don't judge.

So I was less scared of wearing my swimsuit, but I still wore one of those athletic shirts or whatever they are for swimming; I've started with showing the legs, but I'm just not prepared to show the tummy. :saddummy: But I had lots, lots of fun like you have no idea, I think it's one of the best experiences I've had. :D We swam a lot, had fun, played, and such. There was this funny part where, ohmy, I was blown away :dummy: There was a bridge and water flowed much stronger there, but it was subtle so one didn't notice unless one got closer. So we played lots there as you can picture, and then, a friend and I (his name's Ivan, and we've become ten times closer thanks to the trip [sharing bus, main reason]) were playing with more classmates on not letting the water carry us away, but after many attempted against us, we had lots of laughter falling around, gripping one another to save ourselves, and we ended up ridiculously hugged being pushed away by water and got lost for a second. :lmao:

After an hour or such of travelling, we arrived to Concá. Some classmates from other generations had warned us about the heat in that place, and even though most of us were prepared, it was ridiculous. Getting off the bus (which had frozen air [it almost spat ice blocks, I swear]), as soon as you took one step outside, it was like you had walked into a wall made of lava. At first, I lost the breath and almost went back into the bus at how ridiculously hot it was, but I soon got used to it. Greatest news; I was dressed entirely in black! Even with leather boots…Good thing is, I'm totally used to heat due to have lived in a very hot place for more than half my life, so people were dying and suffering, while I, all in black, was like "Man, it's kinda warm". :rofl: One thing is for sure, the thing people talked to me the most for was to ask "My god, AREN'T YOU HOT!?" and gave me odd looks ;n;

We visited a church there due to my history class, AND I'VE NEVER ENJOYED VISITING A CHURCH AS MUCH AS I DID. Thanks to my teacher, we can now read the whole, entire structure. :D I never though I'd say this BUT I WANNA GO TO EVERY BAROQUE CHURCH I FIND AND READ IT AND EXPLORE IT NOW THAT I KNOW WHAT I CAN SEE APSJFDOIJIOJOERIFG. Then more walking, biology stuff...

Then we visited the Millenary Tree. 
I enjoyed touched the tree and watching it, but for shocked I was by its beauty and the joy it brought, I couldn’t feel entirely happy. There was something in the tree that literally made me go mute; I tried to talk with a friend about it, but I just couldn’t talk.

When I got to speak up, I shared like three or four lines with my friend…and I broke down in tears. I have no idea how, why or when, I just know that after expressing what the tree made me feel, I felt terrible. I felt guilty, like I had murdered thousands of people, like I had chopped down every single tree of the planet, and I also felt hurt. I felt like the tree suffered, or had suffered. And I couldn’t stand it; more than joy, the place brought me to pain. I cried to it and just hugged the tree, asking for forgiveness when I hadn’t done a single thing. But I also felt the beauty of it. Too much to explain here. 

Then uh, we were late for another church, so straight to the hotel, an hour or two for fun in the pool, then dinner, then bed. 

Then on Wednesday we, uh, summing up... we went to another church, enjoyed it, did a massive project in fifteen minutes (all together, the threatre guys, the visual arts ones, the dance ones and us, the music guys), walked around the place, biology work, bus, another church, then if my memory serves me right, we went to the, uh, to kinda like OH I REMEMBER, then we had free time after that last church, and we walked around that town (people from this kinda towns are SO damn kind! Totally a new experience from walking around the city!), and I bought a corn (:dummy:) and uh, I had lots of laughter with my friends, and and and and I don't remember what was next or how we arrived there, but we then returned somewhere around the hotel and went to the church we couldn't go to the secon dday and itwasfreakingepic.

Then we had time for ourselves again, and it got dark by then. Being free, with no homework, and with permission to go explore town, it was beautiful! I was with two friends; Maria, and, let's call her, Anna...Anna is, wow, apsjfdioejoeifjs. She's in music too, but in the other classroom (the one with my ex and where my best friend used to be), and she's in the specific of piano. And she's...She's extremely talented (an ability for piano that-wow, and such a passion and talent for literature that, ohmygod), and she's extremely gorgeous, and what I adore the most, is she's humble and modest like fuck. Like, many gorgeous girls brought their bikini to swim and that's okay, they have the right to brag about what they have. But Anna, who has a beautiful body, doesn't really show it off, and dresses in some kind of...folkloric-modern young style and ohmygod. 

And she's extremely, extremely kind and gentle and such, and she's like me in the sense of enjoying more walking through a city with two friends than going partying or drinking with a mass of thirty people. I bought an ice-cream, and was company for Maria and Anna when they went take dinner at a taco stand, and we explored around a bit more, then returned to the hotel, dinner, and such. 
I rmeember how we got to explore town! We went, first, to a dam. ITWASFREAKINGEPIC.

The walk there was fantastic, and so epic, and ohmygod, then the guys from theatre did their presentations, one team around a fire, AND IT WAS AWESOME BECAUSE THEY WERE TELLING US LEGENDS FROM THE PLACE ANDOHMYGODITWASSCARYLIKEFUCK. Then the other guys did their stuff, and we could admire around AND AIOJDFROREIRJHROIJSDSKFJFH.

Then that of walking around freely then we got back to the hotel, dinner, and then we had a meeting with teachers. They were FASCINATED with us. :blush::heart: They admitted to have expected chaos, disaster, and something terrible. Turns out, we behaved SO greatly not even us could explain why;; it was just, it was born from the heart. Like we didn't even have the intention of behaving bad, we were like elementary school children with activities of college students, being in high school ourselves. They told us what we'd be doing the following day, and congratulated us on how we were behaving, then we were off to sleep.

Then on Thursday, summing up again, we went to this HUUUUUUUUUUUGE forest again, except this was much more leafy, bigger, and had apsjdfoijorsdjf, ohmygod it was epic, it was like literally getting lost in old, lost woods, or a jungle or something. I was with Anna and just Anna Ivan, Anna and I became a thousand times closer during this trip. I really adore both of them. :aww: We explored all by ourselves, as it was a free time so anyone could go anywhere as long as we were back in the entrance by certain hour. What I adored from my classmates is that we all stayed quiet and still following the teachers, until they noticed and laughed at us. We were like,  what thehell, and they were like "Guys, why're you waiting for instructions? This place is all for you to explore in freedom!", and we happily left. :giggle: I mean, high school art students...first expectation is they'd run around as soon as they got in and be rebel like always, when we're just a bunch of slightly nerdy, innocent kids. :blush:

Then uhm, after food we got on the bus, and off to a seven-hour trip! We had gone all the way up on the Sierra Gorda, so now we had to go down ALLLLLL the way down the WHOOOOLE mountain rage, take even mooore hours in the freeway, then finally arrive to our final destination, Querétaro! Actually, the seven hour way felt like onl four due to the wonderful company I had in the bus; Ivan, Anna, and another friend, Mariana, another quiet, quiet, shy, kind girl from piano, that still knows how to have loud laughter and lots of fun.

We had lots of laughter in the bus, a lot of conversations, and as I like to speak in english, I went cursing everything and saying senseless stuff, without noticing Anna was translating and that's why my friends were laughing. Then, uh, ohman, then I just listened to some music while Anna, Ivan and Mariana had fun with the rest of the bus (the only day and road where they were loud singing and a bit of partying) so as I enjoy  more of silence, or better said, stay by my side for selfish that may be, I put my headphones on and started reading. I finished a book during the week and started another one; The Oksa Pollock series. :) It's a great, fantastic story! Fantastic as in, literally. :giggle: They say it's like Harry Potter's French little sister.

But then a song popped in, and I like that song for many reasons, one of them being that it inspired a whooooole scene for the book series I'm planning to do, so I adore to close my eyes and imagine the whole thing, so I did. I just didn't count I'd fall asleep...and, well, it was symphonic metal blasting in my ears, which I try to take care of, so I was asleep with loud drumming and guitars torturing my poor ear, without  me even noticing until I woke up due to a guitar solo. I adore having music blasting in my ears that way, but I try not to do it, because I want to take care of my ear.

Then we went to take dinner, and I was with Maria, Ivan, Anna, Paul, and Mariana, my fantastic history teacher with us, and some other guys and girls with tacos and sandwiches (uhmm...mexican torta?) for dinner. Then straight to the hotel, which was waaaaaaaay better than the past two. The other two were extremely pretty and comfortable and had great service, but this other hotel was in city, not town, so we were like .____. seeing it because...well, we knew it had been expensive for us to pay the school for the trip, but seeing what they wasted the money in was, we thought they'd of keep half of the money (:blush:) and waste the less possible, but they brought us to this luxurious hotel and such. Well, it was not golden plates and people at your feet, but it was still amazing.

Then on Friday, we OHMYGOD, WE IAOJDFSRJGEOFJ, the guys from the music specific went to the Luthiers School of Querétaro! Can you believe it!? We were in the only Luthiers school of the whole country, and the best of all of Latin America! They received us sooooooooooooooo greatly and kindly, and we saw how they make the instruments, and we learned lots of stuff! Can you believe they tune the wood!? WHAT THE HELL!? And man, it sure is hard to get in the school! They told us that past year, there were like 21 or 20 people wanting to go in, and only 6 were accepted. :jawdrop: This of music business is extremely as an art, is way harder...and the making of the making of musicians, meaning the makers of the instruments, are way more complicated! They don't just scratch wood until they make a violin; they have lots of classes, from biology, to a specific class about wood and trees, physics even, english, sol-fa, having to learn to play violin, cello or viola, and so on. Physics and biology are strongly taken there. :noes:

My biggest respects for luthiers!

Then we went to visit the school from Querétaro there! I mean, as in...uhm, the art academy (?) I belong to has thirty or twelve different schools around the country, three of them where I live, then one where we went to, Querétaro. At first all of us were shy; it felt like we were walking into our usual school, it felt like home, literally. But we were too shy and so were they. The principal received us really kindly, and then we started making friends with them. I swear...I can tell you all about it, express myself, write a whole book of what it is and how it feels, but I'll sitll never make anyone that's not from my school understand the magic, the...the uniqueness of belonging to my school, if I'm allowed to brag about it. :blush:

More than a school, we're a family, teachers included. So our relationship with the guys of the school we visited was more than just visiting a school; it was exactly, exactly like when you visit your cousins, aunts and uncles and the rest of the family that you haven't seen in twenty ages or your whole life, and you just can't feel the love for them, the friendship, the bonds.

Our visit there's too much to explain there, so I'll leave it like; they have FAR BETTER buildings than us, and actually material to work with. While we fight to get an amplifier, they have a whole storage of trumpets, flutes, guitars, basses, and like 15 pianos. The guys from second grade (the same year than us) from music, are a thousand, a million times better than we've gotten to be. And I'm ashamed. They played for us some songs, and they are so, so ridiculously good, we felt stupid, talentless, ashamed and disappointed of ourselves. We danced, sang, mosh-pit'ed, and enjoyed  of it like never before during a gig, but inside us, was that thorn of disappointment for ourselves.

But we've also taken them as motivation...we'll become as good as them, you'll see! :heart:

We made great friends there and such, it was magic, but I won't go into details as this journal's becoming huge. And there was this flute guy...Iwannamarryhim. No, but seriously, I have a passion for air instruments...I have a damn adoration for saxophones, ocarinas, and AND DAMN TRUMPETS  AND DAMN FLUUUUTES! :iconluvluvplz: Hearing to that guy was an eargasm, a total eargasm I can't cope with. And it was also a reafirmation for me: I want to play the flute. I'm "professionally" studying for guitar, but I want to become a flautist too, even if not professssionally.


We had lots of free time for ourselves; we went walking around, then we met some of the other-school guys (who we told about our free time at the center of town so they went there to spend a while with us) and even though I adored spending time with them (the music guys are awesome!), I still prefer fewer company. Luckily, there was this girl around (my school, visual arts) who is the same, so we were off to search for a library just her and I. I got to know her more and we spent like an hour and half just looking at books and talking about it, we walked around city, got lost, I bought lemonade, found the track again, spent a while seeing around, then met again with school.

They took us to a performance. It....I'm speechless. I'd tell you about it, but it was literally so good, so fantastic, so hallucinating, so greatly done, and so deep I just...can't. I can't tell Pure art.

Then we went take dinner, it was freaking awesome, then we left to the hotel. I took a shower, and fell dead as soon as I touched the bed.

Took breakfast on Saturday, our last day, and then I knew about it. Last night of our trip, people do stupid stuff. We had been behiaving extremely good, and the rotten part of the generation had to go and ruin it. Some were drinking, some brought some of the other-school guys to their rooms (I think one of them had a girl to, y'know, lack of sleep...), and some were, for ashamed I am of admitting it, with drugs. I mean, if you wanna get drunk with friends, fuck or get high, we have EVERYDAY of our lives to do it...why exactly in a scholar trip? What's that unconscious mania of wanting to screw up? 

I didn't even have an idea there had been troubles until they told me in the morning. Then we were all denied any other activity due to that, so we lost the BEST of the churches we were going too...I'm so, so sad about it, even today, you don't have an idea. I wanted to go. :( So we just packed, got on the buses, and straight back home. Once there, we had a meeting with teachers so they'd chide us, despite it being just a few people who did bad stuff.

I dropped a tear during the meeting, and I knew I had more to drop, because I felt bad. I felt like when the tree; I did nothing but be innocent, but I still felt pain and guilt. I feel terribly, sickeningly bad for teachers; we had their entire trust, and we betrayed it. They feel very hurt about it, and so there were troubles, but y'know what I like? That most of the guys and girls who did bad stuff are getting expelled.

I don't know who they were (I have an idea, though), but I adore every guy and girl from my generation. I seriously adore them, but...but why keep something that will just fuck up? Something that has no way of getting fixed? So for harsh it is, I like that they get what they deserve...taht way, they won't get in our way and cause troubles in our next trip, a two week trip to the south, but that's a whole new thing.

So that was basically my week. I picked lots of rocks in the way.

I'm sorry for writting so much, and on the opposite, for not writting until now, the night of Sunday and the morning of Monday for most of you! I was SO tired on Saturday I fell dead on my bed, and today was spent doing homework, so I just wrote until now. :)

I had the time of my life, and I noticed I adore my classmates, and mainly, my school more than I've adored anything before! God/Zeus/Saradomin/Billie Joe bless my school! 

How was your week? Waht did I miss? You all okay?

Thanks for reading me! :blowkiss:


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