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Off to my last school trip: Myan Route!

It's like 11 or 12 days (too lazy to count) going all around the South-East states over here. Of course it's a school trip, so like the previous one (which lasted a week), so we're going to be busy like hell. And don't doubt it's going to be like previous trip, or twice the heavier; arriving at the hotel at 11, after a lapse of almost 17 hours of activities, and waking up at 6. At least, I'm not getting up at 4:30 like I have to while normal school days :squee:

But with a loadshit of work both during and after the trip, I'M GOING TO HAVE THE FREAKING TIME OF MY LIFE, SERIOUSLY.

Away of home (I love my family, but I live happier outside my house) for two weeks, surrounded only by my dearest mates and friends, taking breakfast with them, and with the best teachers evers, going to activities in beautiful places of my beloved and so darn pretty Mexico, and just being happy all around.

I mean, how not to be happy in places like DAMN TULUM. Like, look at it and melt.

Fucking melt.




So, as I'll barely have time to go into the net (I doubt there'll be days I actually can), that won't be to see devA but to say hi to André on Facebook. So that'll be two weeks away of here, and I'll miss you guys, but I'll be back soon :la:

Btw, I do have been writing. I'm just slower than a freaking snail. Pardon me.
BUT the Cat Duet's still moving, and I couldn't help start a new Bobkey (secret, secret).

That's it, believe it or not, I'm still into the fandom world.



Maze Runner, anyone? <del>Minho/Newt, Newt/Thomas, Thomas/Minho, Alby/Newt?</del>


Mom's a muggle, dad's a wizard. My brother's a squib, and I've just become a full witch. (Meaning I just finished reading all of HP books and will soon have a Pottermore account [pretty sure I'll be Hufflepuff]). Life's lost sense now that I'm done with the books. 

Hm...what about MCR or GD fiction on Howgarts? :plotting:

So that's bye from me for two weeks. I'm off with what's most precious to me in a fantasy world for some days; my school. :heart:

See you, guys! Eat healthy, and if you ever get a single second of Idunno09 in your head for a tiny moment, visualize me being happy at the beach or through forests or through Mayan ruins being the happiest worm alive. :aww:

Take care! I adore you! :blowkiss:

PS: The hero here's my dad. He insisted on the boss for weeks, maybe even months, to get the money for the trip. I told him it was totally okay if we couldn't afford it (we're going through heavy economic times, and I understand), and though I was honest on it, he knows Mayan Route's what I've been dreaming for three years now. He insisted, and has gotten engaged to work just to get the money on time. Even though it's in two months, this is the best gift they could give me for my 18 years of existance. Well, mom decided that was my birthday gift; dad was going to give me this trip even with no special reason but how happy he knows it's going to make me.

Say all you want, but the best dad in the universe is MINE! :heart:
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Chapter 45: Back to the Jungle

“What is this, a loser?”

Gerard rolled the eyes, sighing. He kept walking through the hallways, frowning with anger and having his shoulder colliding with somebody else who jerked out a ‘Watch your steps, son of a bitch’. He held a book in a hand and had his messenger-style backpack bouncing on his hip with every furious step he gave. He went through the normal as he reached his locker; a paper ball crashing on his head, insults and laughter at him. When someone tried to make him stumble upon a lost foot, he, almost by instinct, and already knowing where and when exactly that same thing used to happen, merely took a step at a side and kept walking, avoiding such humiliation that had stopped making him embarrassed after the millionth time.

He sighed and shook his head No as he passed by a couple of preppies who laughed at him by looking like a girl and laughed at him, and he rounded a corner towards his locker. As he headed that way, a tough jock got in his way and made him bump into him by accident. Gerard looked up at him after crashing with the guy, and glared at him.
“Ooh, I’m scared!” the guy said with sarcasm as he raised his hands as if to prove himself free of any weapons, and as he laughed, he leaned down and glared deeply back to Gerard. “Get lost” he said and put a hand on Gerard’s forehead, pushing him that way and making him take a few steps back. Gerard shook his head and his frown tightened on his expression. He ignored the fact and continued, and when another body got in his way and he walked into this new guy, he let out an angry hissed exhale of exasperation.
“Dear fucking lord, can’t you damn watch whe-”

“Oh” the tenth grader cooled down quick enough not to continue swearing when he looked up and found near him a pair of sweet and broken blue eyes on him, staring with curiosity and what seemed to be surprise. “Didn’t see you, Mike”
“My fault” the twelfth grader said as an apologize, putting his hands in the pocket of his hoodie after adjusting a bit the beanie hat covering most of his brown hair. He stared a bit at the black haired guy, and kept scanning him. Gerard noticed it, so the frown came back and he stared at Mike a bit hurt, but more than anything, the gaze was not brokenhearted and deep in sorrow, but more like aching with slight, cool rage.
“Something’s wrong?” he asked trying to be polite, knowing he was maybe just misunderstanding things, seeing as this was not only his boyfriend’s best friend but also a deeply sweet person who would not bully a fly.

“Oh” Mike exclaimed quietly, staring back up at Gerard’s eyes, looking pretty much embarrassed. Gerard stared at him softly but with the eyebrows still slightly furrowed. “Sorry, it’s just that…” he started, but then chuckled and stared away. “You’ve grown”
“Grown?” Gerard asked with a small smile. “But we saw each other just on December”
“Well, a month and half can make quite a difference, for what I see” Mike shrugged, smiling back at the tenth grader, gesturing for him to keep walking. Both teenagers walked side to side taking their time, headed to the tenth grader’s locker. “I think that what you didn’t grow back in your puberty years have been won just along January”
“Hey, maybe I grew up but I don’t think that’s a huge difference, you know?” Gerard asked, and Mike could not help the smile on his face at the last part of his sentence. “I mean, you’re still a heck taller than me”

“I don’t mean growing up as in, only the height” Mike said shaking his head softly, and he stopped walking when Gerard did, and started opening his locker. “You’re a bit taller, your shoulders are kinda…well, to sum up, your body’s looking more proper of a teenager rather than a child, and your face has lost its child-like roundness and took some form, you see?”
“All of that in a month?” Gerard questioned, smirking and raising an eyebrow to the taller teenager, who stared at the tenth grader with a bit of a surprised look in his face. “I doubt it, Mike”
“Well, you do look quite grown to me” Mike replied with a smile while Gerard took a couple books out and put some others in. “So much in such little time, it’s truly amazing”
“If you say so” Gerard replied, shrugging lightly and smiling. “By the way, have you seen Billie?”

“I think he hasn’t arrived just yet” Mike replied kindly. “I bet he-”
“Slept in” Gerard finished the words, smiling and rolling his eyes. “That lazy fucker”
“Oh” Mike let out, still staring at Gerard. He blinked a couple of times, just keeping the eyes on the younger guy, and then stared away. “Well, it must be hard waking up much earlier to what you want to, to come to the place you hate the most”
“Hah” Gerard let out as he closed his locker, smirking and raising an eyebrow to Mike once again. “It’s not that hard if you get used to it”
“Hm” Mike’s smile faded again as he tried to force it back, staring away and shrugging lightly. “I guess so”

“Well, I’ll leave you; gotta go to class” he said offering the sweetest of smiles to Mike, who honestly replied with a sincere curve on his lips once again, before he moved a hand up and placed it on top of Gerard’s head. He stroked his hair a bit, and Gerard chuckled. “Tell Billie my next period’s in-”
“He knows your schedule by memory, straight and backwards” Mike said with a wide smile as he rolled his eyes. Gerard giggled at that. “He’ll know where to find you…when he makes it here, of course”
“Okay” Gerard agreed with a smile, then patted Mike’s shoulder. “See you later, Mike”
“See ya” Mike replied a bit more lowly than the tenth grader, and watched him as Gerard walked away with his usual parade of bullies and their minions along the path just the way he knew how to; ignoring the world.

Mike watched the tenth grader walk away. He was like a…something. All dressed in black to the socks, with the long black coat which gave him the essence of a ghost or a dark presence, and the long, long hair, still combed as a ponytail. Mike sighed; Gerard did not look like a girl anymore if seen from behind. When the school year started, if one saw him walking by the back, there needed to be second and third looks to know whether that was a girl with boyish manners, or a boy with a girly complexion. But now, he looked like…a guy. It was not that his shoulders had gotten strong, and he was still a thin, slender person, but…he had taken the form and shape of a teenager, like Mike had said. And he did grow taller; in no time, if he continued that way, he would not only reach Billie’s top, but also surpass it.

And his attitude had…

Mike shook the head. Gerard was a deeply sweet person, and he had been so brokenhearted before, that it just made him one of those people who tried their best to make other people happy. He was the kindest person Mike had gotten to known, even more than Billie himself, even more than Billie’s mother herself. And he was shy like a manga schoolgirl. But his attitude had…gotten…well, Gerard now had no fear on speaking up. He now raised eyebrows and smirked rather than staring down and blush. He came up with answers rather than staring at the floor, stuttering. He did not seem scared anymore of moving a hand up and touch the person he had in front of him. He had stopped moving the hands up in a protective reflex when someone threatened him, and instead had started to glare back, even if just a few seconds before staring back down to the floor.

It was like it did not harm him anymore. Which, to be honest, worried Mike instead of reassure him. Because it was not that Gerard had learned how to ignore it all and stop being hurt from people; it was that they had broken so much inside there was nothing left to smash.
But that was how Mike saw it. It was not that it was total true, he hoped.

As the bell rang, he started heading to his own class, and went thinking all the way.
Back during the holidays, Billie had talked with him about many things respecting to Gerard. One of those times, he had come to Mike as stressed-looking as never before, like he had just discovered the truth of the universe and it was too horrible and shocking to live normal once again. For the look on his face, Mike could almost swear someone intimate to Billie had passed away or something by the stressful look in his friend’s eyes, but it turned out to be summed up in one phrase; ‘I’m in love’. At first Mike did not really understand whatever Billie meant with how terrific that was or why it was that it was heavy for him, and reassured him that being in love was great.

Billie’s problem was that he had started to go nuts over the guy, almost in a literal way, that made him no good at all. Billie had explained it the best he could. He said that one thing was being in love the way that the other person is as well, and they share affection and hugs, and as he said it “we go around jumping in a sugar landscape with fluff clouds and singing flowers”; then again, that was one thing, and the other part of the thing was to be the kind in love where you just do not care for yourself anymore to the point all you do is ache for ignoring yourself. Billie was the kind of guy to give it all and his best for the people he loved; he would have given an arm (which was much for a guitarist) or his voice for the sake of helping Mike out, and that was the less he could do. Thing was, Billie also knew that he could not live for others, and had to pay attention to himself, and tried to keep it balanced. So it was “I help you, but I’m not killing myself if it is not necessary”. And there was the problem; that he had gone so deep into Gerard’s affection he had stopped thinking with logic and having common sense and simply went “Gerard, Gerard, Gerard” without stopping to think whatever he was doing.

Billie also said that it was not that he would quit to Gerard. Indeed, he said that giving him up was equal to suicide itself, and gave a quite long speech to Mike on how much he adored and valued the tenth grader. The problem was that now, unlike his other relationships, Billie suffered what Gerard suffered like it was about himself. Of course he had had partners before who had gone through their stuff, and Billie did worry and felt terrible and tried to fix things. But that was because he was thinking by his own part; this problem happened, he or she is suffering, how do I fix this? But with Gerard, Billie had gotten to the point he lost himself somewhere in outer space and could not find himself; this problem happened, he is suffering, oh god, it hurts. He was not seeing it from outside; he had metaphorically gotten so into Gerard, he just felt what the guy was feeling. Not literally, but that was the point. He had fallen so much in love, that no matter how greater the sensation when they were happy was, it was twice as terrible when something bad happened.

Billie told him about their fight where he went nuts and screamed at Gerard, and before Mike could kick him (like he had promised to do if he ever hurt Gerard), Billie explained what happened next. The way he got no sleep, and got to the Way’s house very early the following morning, prepared breakfast for him, and then their conversation. He told Mike that he had never before in life felt as weak and vulnerable as that time sat at Gerard’s bed with the tenth grader in front of him. He said that Gerard was so small and skinny, but still made Billie feel like standing before the most glorious of Gods or warriors…and, therefore, just seeing him and his suffering, it hurt Billie much further what he thought it could get to. Gerard was aching in him; Gerard suffered so much that Billie simply did as well, for the only fact of having fallen in love with him.

Billie talked on how he felt pathetic and stupid, and that he just wanted Gerard to be happy for two reasons; one, because Gerard deserved it. And two, because Billie did not want to pain over something that did not belong to him at all. It was Gerard and his feelings, why did they cast such great, huge, terribly intimate effect on him? He knew it sounded and was egoist, but he could not help it. It was like he was totally safe and sound in a throne as a mighty lion, but connected to a miserable kitten being mistreated and whipped that, despite being in a totally extern and different body, made his own physical injuries feel as real as if they had hit the mighty lion; how was he supposed not to go crazy on it? Seeing someone else get hurt, but being you receiving the pain, without a way to stop the other people from causing it to you because they are not causing it to you…how was that not mental and maddening?

To sum it up, Billie had gotten to the point where Gerard’s feelings and healthy being were a priority like oxygen.

Mike had a new mission, the same that Billie had now; to make the tenth grader good, healthy and happy as soon as possible. Because if he was dying slowly, the same was happening to Billie. Even though Billie saw the necessity of making Gerard happy for the sake of Gerard’s well being, he still did not put at a side that other priority of the mission, which was the main one to Mike; not to let the guy down so Billie would not go down with him either. It was strange, having to save someone not much for saving them but for the fact of that action saving someone else. But if that was for Billie, Mike did not really complain or anything, and just did his job.

As into the conversation he and Gerard had once they had calmed down, Billie had made Gerard promise he would stop hiding things. He said that he knew that Gerard had struggles in life, and that despite Billie making him promise before to go on ahead with the chin up, and despite how he wanted that promise to stay there, he did not want that one promise to make Gerard feel like he had to hide things when he felt they affected the promise. He told him he did not care if things got out of control because that was something Gerard did not control, but he did not want him to hide things due to thinking it would worry Billie, because, and as the twelfth grader said it, he worried a heck lot more by finding out hidden things which would not of hit him as hardly if Gerard merely spoke about it in time and tried to seek for help.

They also talked about Billie’s explosive being, and how it was okay that he was that way, but that he needed to be more cautious on it not to get in troubles, because his accident with going nuts with Gerard had been one thing, but being that way could lead him to much heavier stuff in a future, but they did not mention an example or anything. In the end, after talking and saying they hated to have fought, they hugged and kissed for a while until things were pretty much fixed.

Billie, on his part, was still worried for Gerard. Despite how happy he was making the guy, the world just did not stop putting him in a hell on earth. He had enough problems dealing with himself and bullies and all that went on and on in his life, and when things started getting better for him, the world suddenly throws him a bunch of problems at his own home with the only two people who had kept him sane all those years, and had thrown him into therapy. Which, both of the teenagers knew, did no help to him. At first Billie had suggested it could as well be a good idea and maybe Gerard could try it out instead of blocking to it, but Gerard, explaining without explaining at all, managed to convince Billie that that was the worst his parents could of have done to him being in his place. Billie did not question what could be best, instead, but he gave in to agreeing it was a bad thing.

All in all, they just let things flow, and both waited to see what these new semester did to them.

Gerard had been bored all day long. He had stopped feeling bad at all at the laughter; even though he had arrived at that school already totally used to bullying, he still could not just ignore it like it was oxygen; at first it was like it was aromatized air. It did not bother him anymore, but he still noticed it. Now it lost any odor, and had become normal oxygen; so common Gerard just did not notice it sometimes. Bored and with the cheek against a palm, he kept doodling an original character of his. He looked better when he did not have the cape. And the chin looked a bit odd. So Gerard started correcting, without flinching or reacting at all at the paper balls that hit him on the temple and head, ignoring even the ones that were saliva-coated.

Just as he had managed to get the shades to look a bit better, a ruler hit his desk right onto his drawing, making him accidentally drag the pencil across it. He looked at the ruler, and without even minding at all and already totally prepared, he looked up and found the angry teacher staring at him. He heard some people giggling background, and felt Jake’s worried stare on him. Gerard did not even complained when she ordered him to the principal’s. He picked his stuff up and walked out without saying a word, straight to Mr. Benson, walking normally and not upset at all. He guessed he deserved it; he had been accused of much heavier stuff (on purpose, of course), so being sent to the principal just did not bother him anymore, so of course it did not upset him either when it had actually been his fault.

There at the principal’s office, he found himself waiting sat near a pair of jocks sent there as well. Gerard stayed poker faced whenever he looked at them, as they did faces at him and laughed, whispering names to him. Gerard looked at them some moments, then stared down and then away, still arms-crossed. When the principal opened the door and the girl walked out, he looked at the jocks and called for them.
“Max, Leonard, please come in”
“Excuse me, sir” Gerard interrupted without really flinching or getting upset. “I was next”
“Huh?” Mr. Benson recalled and turned to look at whoever had talked. He stared at the kid sat at the lonely chair nearby the door, and raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t see you, boy” Gerard shrugged. He knew. Not many did. “Why’re you here?”

Gerard shrugged again as he stood up and followed the principal into his office.
“I was drawing in class”


During the break they luckily had together, the whole gang gathered at a bench outside school. Ray tried to show Bob a little ladybug that had climbed onto his hand, while the blonde, with his usual serious expression, just watched in silence the small red dot covered of black dots moving all over Ray’s hands. Frank talked endlessly like always while Gerard listened being him the only one who was not sitting. The pale guy stood at a side with an arm crossed and the other up, with the wrist in a position so his palm was up, his fingers folded, and those were holding a cigarette. As he smoked, Gerard sometimes changed his hips, as the sometimes stuck out to the left, some others to the right. He had gotten a pretty much girly way of standing.

He chuckled a bit at Frank’s joke, at which the guy himself laughed a lot. As they did, a pair of guys passed by towards the entrance of school, and stopped slowly as they started laughing, standing a few feet behind Gerard, who looked over his shoulder without undoing his diva-like pose and without really getting on guard as he exhaled the smoke into the air.
“Hey, Geraldine, practicing for theatre or just your normal faggotness?” one of the guys asked, while the other recalled a bit more lowly to ‘what a bunch of losers’, loud enough for the four of them to hear. Gerard did not reply as they laughed. “How was your kissing with Billie Joe? Did you guys enjoy practicing it?”

Gerard, as a response, half-smiled with sarcasm some moments, letting the ashes of the burnt tip of the cigar fall onto the snow at his feet.
“You wore skirts and breasts!” the other guy reminded him and they continued laughing. “How pathetic!” and once said that, they continued laughing and making their own jokes as they continued their way into school. Gerard just kept the eyes on them a few moments, and brought the death-stick to his lips again.
“Let’s just ignore them, Gee” Frank suggested. Gerard turned lightly to look at his friends. The way they all looked a bit offended, and how Ray and Bob still played with the ladybug, and he looked at the size and looks of Frank. Gerard looked up and down at them a few moments, and then stared away.

He took a look at the inside of school. A couple of jocks were picking on a little guy, struggling with him, using the fingers to hit him on the forehead, and just as they managed to get a good grip of his underwear but before they managed to make the guy scream even more to what he was doing, a brown haired tenth grader approached hurriedly and pushed them, forcing with them and cursing as he managed to free the other guy. Gerard stared at the way his friend Jake looked down at the guy and told him to run, which the little nerdish boy did while Jake turned around and started physically struggling with the jock. They were arguing and pushing one another, and just as things started heating up, a teacher appeared and started chiding them, putting them apart and forcing them to take different ways.

Just as a pair of girls passed by from school and to the outside, they shared giggles that meant but mockery towards Gerard, even if they had tried to hide it. Once they had walked past, Gerard looked discretely at them. Well, so what if he looked like a girl? It was not that he felt like a boy at all, it was obvious he would be quite feminine. He stared as the girls walked away, turned to look at the jock who laughed with his friends, another pair of guys picking on other guys, and then he looked at his friends once again. And, then, as he let out a cloud of smoke, he could not help it but chuckle, throwing the cigar to the ground.

The sound called Frank’s attention, who smiled by thinking Gerard was thinking happy stuff.
“What is it, Gee?”
Gerard turned to look at him to the eyes, seeing himself in that loser boy who sat at the bench. Gerard chuckled again, staring down and shaking lightly the head. The world was very fucked up. Like that place.
“I missed being here”

Sarcasm was not fully understood by Frank that day.


That first day of school Mrs. Collins asked for her twelfth graders to gather around only a few moments for her to tell them something important. She summoned Gerard as well, so when the tenth grader was done with classes, he headed directly towards the auditorium. Once there, as he was the last one arriving, many turned to look at them, but he only laid his eyes on one. The punk black haired guy smiled at him when their gazes met, and he raised a hand to wave at him. Gerard greeted back and headed close to him and his group of friends, sitting with them without more words needed than greetings for all four of them, before they stayed in silence as Mrs. Collins approached.
“Okay, please be quiet, it’ll only take a minute” she said with joy once standing close to her students, and before she could say anything, Leslie interrupted.

“Hey, Mrs. Collins” she called sweetly. “I heard you’ve been hanging out with Mr. Johnson a lot lately. Is that true?”
“That’s not what this is about, Leslie darling” Mrs. Collins said not with rejection but with a smile that basically gave girls the chance to share glances and looks that totally said they had new things to gossip about once after classes. “Anyway, I gathered you here only to give you a little announcement…can you guess on what it is?”
“Are we discussing about how the Cat Duet went?” a guy background asked, and even though they started nodding and sharing ideas and opinions, Mrs. Collins shook her head.
“No, that will be at class” she said and smiled. “And from there and ahead, we’ll have to re-take the whole concept, my dear students”

There was silence for a moment, and so after a few glances shared among the twelfth graders, Mrs. Collins widened her smile.
“Why, Mrs. Collins?” a girl asked, curious. “Aren’t we putting up a new play for this semester?”
“That’s in my intentions, yes” Mrs. Collins nodded. “And even though it was not on my plans, we’ll be performing The Cat Duet yet again by June”

And that was the detonator of a lot of gossiping around. After a few moments, Mrs. Collins called for their attention again, and once they shushed, she explained.
“You see, uhm…I feel as excited as shy mentioning this, so…” she shrugged and her gaze moved down as she laughed lowly, and so she looked up again to continue talking. “But the day of the presentation, Mr. Johnson, without telling me, managed to invite one of the managers of New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and…” at that, the students got startled and the gossiping was louder along some exclamations of surprise, at which the teacher nodded and tried to continue despite the clear shyness on her. “…well, he liked it and he…well, he invited the rest of the directives to come see it, and, if they like it, maybe take it to their stage”

A few girls started squealing like they were promised a direct pass to Hollywood, and all the students started talking, excited and some almost not believing it and exclaiming over and over. Mrs. Collins blushed lightly and nodded, sharing the joy with her students for some moments and just letting the deserved emotion go on for a while. Once she had managed to shush them once again, she cleared some points.
“Then again, we won’t be working on it as previous semester, since it’s still quite fresh, but we still need to clear more things and work on it not to forget, okay?” everyone agreed with her, quietly. “Besides, I know it’s sickening to work on one thing twenty four hours seven days per week, another reason of why we’re not going ‘hardcore’ on it again, as well as focusing on our usual classes and another play, way lighter and fun to do, to say bye to twelfth grade and high school itself. What do you say?” everyone, once again, nodded and agreed happily. “Okay, so no need to stress, we’ll get to work on The Cat Duet every now and then, but nothing to worry about, okay?” they nodded to her. “Am I counting with you guys?” everyone, yet again, showed her their support. She smiled with great affection, and gave a small nod. “Okay, then. That was all I wanted to tell you, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow”

With that, most of students stood up and started going out taking their time, talking very excited together about what they had just been told. Some others took their time sat there, and once they were all distracted and ignoring Billie a bit, Gerard stood up from his seat and headed towards Mrs. Collins now that she was alone and nobody was paying special attention to her.
“Uhm, excuse me, Mrs. Collins” Gerard called quietly once standing close to her. He looked discretely at the sides a bit fearful, and then, shy, spoke. “Ahm…now that Charlotte has recovered, well…” he blushed slightly and looked a bit down in the dumps as he stuttered a bit, playing with a lock of his hair before continuing. “…I mean…I was just the backup plan, now that she’s alright, well…”
“Oh, no, Gerard dear” Mrs. Collins shook her head, smiling. “It was your voice and your acting what made of the play a total success…you did much further what I was expecting, and so it wouldn’t be the same without you”

“But…” Gerard’s gaze went down with a bit of guilt. “What’s happening to Charlotte?”
“There’s always an extra place in the chorus” Mrs. Collins reassured like she had it all covered, which most of the time was true. “Leave it up to me, Gerard, I’ll speak with her. But I think the honor would be mine for sure if you accept taking the role once more”
“The pleasure is mine, really” Gerard smiled at her with shyness. “So ah, uhm…” he blushed slightly and smiled a bit nervously. “I guess I won’t cut my hair soon, after all” he had not cut it over holidays merely out of laziness, but that seemed to have worked since that way it would be as long as a girl’s (properly to work better in his disguise). It was very long now. More to his liking. With the ponytail undone, he looked like a metalhead.
“And if you can, stop growing, too” Mrs. Collins said with a smile. Gerard tilted his head lightly and raised an eyebrow questioningly. Mrs. Collins understood the silent question and answered. “You grew a bit during holidays…you don’t look fully like a girl now, though nothing make-up can’t fix”
“Oh” Gerard did not know whether to feel offended or not, but he did not feel uncomfortable at all at the comment. “So, uhm…” he hesitated a bit, and so he smiled lightly at her. “Thanks for telling us”

“See you around, Gerard” Mrs. Collins said as a goodbye, and so the tenth grader replied and went back to the group of friends of twelfth graders awaiting for him at the auditorium’s door. Billie wrapped an arm around his shoulders, remembering they were still keeping it a secret, and so the five of them left while talking together.

Once walking by the streets and towards home, and once Billie and Gerard had been left alone, they stopped for a moment in their way to the twelfth grader’s house and faced each other. They stood there in complete silence, before their lips widened in a happy smile. They laughed lowly together while still keeping eye contact, talking through the eyes, and just sharing the joy some moments.

They were repeating the Cat Duet. They were repeating the reason that had brought them together.
What an excellent thing to cheer Gerard’s semester up!


Excited, Gerard had gotten mentally ready to go on with a second unexpected presentation for the Cat Duet play. It was not there mere fact that he just loved singing and acting, and art itself, it was also what the play meant for him what made him feel so excited and eager for the presentation to already happen.

If it were not due to that singular, particular play, and a small series of events, he would not have treated Billie like he had done. Of course, they would have accidentally walked into one another every now and then a few days, and they would wave hi at each other a few times, but it was being forced to share a class together, being forced to be the protagonists, and being forced to take personal classes together, and forced to all the rehearsals of duet songs, and forced to basically be friends what really did brought them together. If it had not been due to have been discovered in music class, if it had not been for Mrs. Collins writing the play, if it had not been due to all the little things that eventually leaded them to end up as the protagonists, all the things they had gone through would have been but fantasies.

Basically, he owned his relationship and biggest joy to that play. The Cat Duet had brought Gerard just what he needed, when he most needed of it, without even knowing.

Excited for reviving the very same roots of his story with Billie, Gerard has cheered up from the oh so wonderful Monday he had had, and enjoyed a bit more of his Tuesday. He stood by his locker some moments firstly to take down the usual pasted papers with mockery written on them and threw them away, and secondly, to pick up some things and leave some others inside.
“Look, it’s that chick from the play” he heard a guy say in a way that could only mean he was finding it fun, and heard his friend laugh. As they passed behind him, Gerard looked over his shoulder to look at him. “Nice tits, Swirly Head Gerard” he said with no stop on his way across the hallway, laughing along his other friends going with him. Gerard ignored him and continued his stuff. Sometimes, people passed by to congratulate him on the play, even if just in a small phrase, and just equally in numbers of times, the other half passed by to make fun of him for having dressed up like a girl and act like one.

As he closed his locker, a hand came from nowhere to rest on the locker at a side as the whole skinny frame of a short twelfth grader appeared right at his side with one of his usual arrivals of the clichéd bad guy who stands like that at a side of their hook up, wearing a pair of sunglasses which, like every time he came up with one of his awful pick-up lines to greet Gerard, hid another pair of sunglasses underneath.
“Hey, babe” Billie greeted in an Elvis-like voice but exaggerating it to a jerkish tone, while Gerard rolled his eyes and smiled while shaking his head lightly. “I was wondering, eh…are you a parking ticket?”
“…’cause you’ve got ‘Fine’ written all over you” Billie finished his always terrible greetings, and so as he did, he turned over himself and his heels with dumb style, and pointed at Gerard with the index fingers, recalling for a low ‘Oh, yeah’.

Gerard laughed a bit at that, and shook his head again, turning to look at Billie this time.
“Seriously, how many of those have you told me by now?” he asked in a low laugh, while Billie took off the first pair of glasses and laughed as well, back to his usual self. “None of them work, BeeJ”
“Oh, come on” Billie said with a smile, taking the second pair of glasses off and putting both in a pocket inside his jacket. “I bet the ‘Fine-apple’ one had to move something in you”
“My throat, when I laughed” Gerard agreed with a small laugh. “Go, BeeJ, the bell’s about to ring and if you skip yet another of your Spanish class you’re done for”
“Yes, sweet pie” Billie answered a bit secure as there were not many people in the hallway, and even though he wished he could lean down and skimo-kiss the little guy standing in front of him, he had to give up and only stroke his hair with care, smiling cutely at him. “I’ll see you in a while, Gee boy”

“Bye, Bee” Gerard waved lightly at him, and quickly gestured to blow him a tiny kiss. Billie half smiled and winked an eye at him, starting to jog away towards his class not to be late, and so Gerard smiled as he watched him leave.

And so, like every time Gerard was finally doing good but was left alone, the same than always had to happen.

“Hey, faggoty ass!” he heard a so known voice call from across the hallway. With his stuff already in his backpack and because both he had been called and because his next class was that way, he turned to the owner of the voice. And so, he contained a sigh in his chest but, for the first time, did not feel his heart racing inside his chest out in mere fear. And so, without really feeling his knees tremble, he found his gaze locking with the brown stare that for a moment felt familiar but different, but after realizing, it was just the same problem and bullshit than every time things went good for him. “How’re you doing!?”

Gerard did not reply, but he showed no reaction either. He stood there in total peace and calm just sharing glances with the tough jock standing there across the hallway, seeing him smirk and making his knuckles crack. Gerard contained another sigh in his chest, and in total peace, he pouted lightly the lips and nodded very subtly. Yeah, just in time. He just waited a few moments until the tall guy started heading towards him, all smiley and evil-frowning as always. When he got close, Gerard turned from him in a way so that when the other held him roughly by the ponytail, it almost felt like Gerard had offered his hair to him instead.

With no complaints and no flinching, Gerard just let himself being dragged to the nearest bathroom without saying a word. Once in there, the jock pulled form him roughly and made him stumble until falling down to the cold floor. He gave a small quiet groan when he collided on it, before turning around very calmly until looking up at the other.
“Missed me, dweeb?” the jock asked as he went down on his ankles in front of the guy. Gerard looked at him and blinked once.
“Lance” he greeted quietly and without fear, but not sounding rude or anything, but as if though he was visiting an acquaintance. “Yeah”

Lance looked at him with confused eyes and a bit of questioning glance, but before he could really recall on what was weird on the guy now, Gerard merely lied down on the floor while extending the arms to his sides, letting out an audible sigh and looking at if though he was depressed enough to actually ask for it, but also looking like he just did not care anymore.
“Go on” Gerard said quietly and calmly. “Fuck my Tuesday”

Lance hesitated a bit too much and a bit too long.

But after some moments, and with the permission granted, so he did as he was asked.
Battery City burned in flames under storms of ashes.

The drugs had been all stolen and destroyed. Killjoys from all over the different areas made lumps, giant hills with boxes filled of the damned drugs that had caused such chaotic state of living and had set them on fire. There were hundreds of spots nearby the walls of Battery City which burned like hellfire, turning into mere ashes and dark smoke which left off up towards the night sky.

Inside, the Killjoys walked through the cities, making sure they had everything under control; that the fallen enemies would not stand back up, or to take them prisoners. They tried to leave as many people alive as possible, evacuating most of the citizens and taking the ones who tried to fight back under arrest, all in order to take care of all the people until the effect of the drugs would finally leave their bodies and systems, for a new life and order to begin from the bottom once again, working as it should have done after the Helium Wars were over, instead of the system that BL/ind had created.

There were no celebrations around despite the great success of the Killjoy irruption into the City. There had been many lost people just in the way into the city, not to count the other hundreds who did not make it out alive. It had been a serious war, a massacre. A great group of Killjoys, the ones who had found themselves as leader teams and as the most experienced or agile ones, had done a successful irruption into the main headquarters of BL/ind. Destroy the medicines, end the mind control, take care of the leaders, and the war was won. As easy.

There were many others whose blood now ran down the headquarters’ hallways and stained the crystal walls. A constant red light of the emergency alarm from the moment the Killjoys made it into the buildings kept flashing every three seconds. The only sounds heard were from the fires outside and around the city. A few explosions from fire which made contact with a certain substance. A few whispers of people talking to make sure it was all in order. The steps of the Killjoys who guarded the streets to make sure the war had been totally won and closed. And the constant falling of pieces of roofs and walls, mainly at the headquarters. The city looked like it had been hit by a tornado, right after being shaken by a terrible earthquake. Adding the fire, of course.

Lying on the ground rested the corpses of courageous saviors who lost their lives in the name of rescuing the world they lived in, or at least, their rotten country. The lives of those who had left earth to go God-knows-where for the sake of ending with the lack of justice, with the lies, in order to end with the enormous chaos and end it all with a flag of victory. There rested as well the corpses of those who had lost their heads to the mind control of the new order BL/ind had imposed, and who could do but fight back with training and weapons only they, as citizens of the big city and under the orders of big tyrants, could have.

Upstairs, all the way upstairs, right close to the door, laid the corpse of a lady who still held a sword in her hand. The metal of the weapon was still freshly painted in red. Her eyes were finally closed, and no movement made it in her chest. Right across the hall, through the crystal wall and door, right onto the very same center of the room, laid the corpse of a tall, rough man. His bald head had stayed untouched, but a huge dark stain darkened his clothes where the heart was supposed to be, as well as showing clear sights of having fought fist-to-fist.

There were broken cables hanging from the roof, and broken machines and monitors sometimes let out a spark or two. The air smelled of blood, dust, and like something had been burned down in there. A few rayguns were spread around the room; the yellow one rested somewhere far behind one of the monitors of the elegant room.

And, lying around, there were four men. One of the leader group, the creators of the idea for the rebellion against the system and the City. And therefore, the ones to the head of everything; the ones who risked it all by going to face the one on the front of everything; the masterhead and leader of the enemy team. The great work of the ones who found and burnt all the drugs made most of the success; but taking down the leader, the boss…was a matter of one against one. Four against the head and all his protection and guards.

And there, in the room which gave them victory, laid the four of them.

But one.
The tallest of them, the warmhearted Killjoy who had treated and had been treated by his small but rough team as some kind of father, had closed the eyes a bit too soon before everyone else. He had not gone against the big boss; but fighting the big boss was almost a matter of nothing when facing all of his personal guards. Making it fighting shoulder to shoulder with two other men of his team, the tallest of them had focused more in protecting the heads of these two men who fought along him, and focused as well on not letting anyone interrupt the fight which was occurring in the middle of the room; had focused so much on protecting, that he was the one getting the most in troubles.

No surprise for anyone he was the first to fall to his knees once the victory had been taken. They all had gone to the floor out of exhaustion and hurt; they had been badly injured. So much, they had no time to share a single word once everything fell in silence again. The man in the bright red jacket had made it, crawling, to the fallen one. By then, he still had the eyes slightly open. The dyed-blond man let himself fall at a side of his mate, letting out an exhale, holding his bleeding shoulder, and coughing. The shot in the chest must have made it to his lung, due to the way it hurt and felt in him. He breathed heavily, and turned his head to the left, to see the face of the agonizing one; he was in the final path, for what he could notice, by the way he had stopped aching and just stared aimlessly and with the last sparkle of life to the roof.

“…made it greatly, Jet Star” the man in bright red jacket whispered, giving a lot of his effort into that. He smiled lightly out of pride and joy. As a reply, he merely got a weak smile from the dying man, but no other movement, not even the blink of an eye. Before they could say anything else, a man appeared, limping but being the only on his feet, holding his side, from one of the far corners. He ignored the corpse of a man in white with a mask on his face, and made it to the fallen men. He sat down in front of them, with the back against the monitors and controllers, letting out a heavy sigh, groaning in pain as his butt made it to the ground. Once sat there, he closed the eyes and rested, letting his head fall at a side. Then, he chuckled. He groaned in pain that was caused by the chuckle, but he only laughed a bit louder.

“We made it, guys!” he whispered-shouted with such great joy that it almost seemed to give the dying one a bit of life for a few seconds. The black haired man laughed lowly once again, and the huge grin stayed plastered onto his bleeding, dirty face. “We did it!” he repeated, much more excited and much more alive than the other two. He laughed a few more moments again. “We’re dying but we made it!” he whispered-shouted again with great excitement. Both men lying in front of him could only widen a smile the way they could; there was no way this man did not find anything funny. Even in his dying moments he was laughing. “Oh god…we’re awesome…”

Before anything else could be shared, there was movement, and noises. There was no energy left in them to really turn and look. Only the black haired one, the less injured man, was able to tilt his head and open the eyes. And he found the leader of this small team.

At first there was but tiny groans and what resembled quiet sobbing. The red haired man kept the head down. His hair cascaded at his sides, messed up and dirty, some of it stained of his own blood. He tried to breathe with no success, and his mouth stayed open. A few drops of blood fell from his nose to the floor. Then, he tried to make it up, as he was standing his weight only in a hand, while the other held tightly the right side of his stomach. Trembling pretty much terribly, he fell down again by trying to stand up. The black haired one, watching him from the other side of the center of the room, smiled lightly and swallowed. It was in every but that one moment in which he felt good. He could joke in his own death, but he simply could find nothing but pain in the way the leader tried to stand up but failed every time he tried.

After a few seconds, however, the red haired man across the room made it onto one hand again, trembling and groaning. The black haired man saw him give the hugest effort he had ever given before; once, the red haired leader had both arms injured and both hands bleeding to the point his bones were almost seen in among the blood of his hands, and he had a broken ankle, but still managed to pull from two hard ropes (which was already a heavy task being healthy) to save heavy boxes filled of food and bottles of water for the needy and themselves from falling down a cliff and get lost, all alone. And even then he did not look as in so much pain like he was doing now that he had faced just one man.

Maybe it was not the fight. No. It had not been the fight. It was the fact that he had been injured enough, that when he received the fatal hit, he simply could not make it. He was dying. And in their death bed, there was nothing heavier than the effort of trying to stand up one last time. Even though that was the reason, the black haired man had no doubts he would make it. If not for his team, for one of the member of it, who, like the rest, was dying. There was no way the leader would let him go without saying bye first.

Right he was, he made sure, when he saw the red haired man being able to stand up on his knees and a hand, since the other remained hardly pressed to that side of his stomach. He was trembling like he was a shaker himself, and he had troubles breathing. And still, he made it to his knees and that hand before he tried to crawl closer to his gathered team. Making at a side the tip of the sword which laid dangerously close to him, still being held by the dead woman at his side, the leader, with the head down and in pain, managed to crawl slowly towards his team. He fell down once he was close, and had to drag himself for some moments, before he made it up like he had done before.

Once close, he sat across the black haired man, with the two dying men in between them, not for another reason but to sit in front of the man in bright red jacket. The leader used his free hand to take the head of the blond-dyed man, to place it gently onto his lap, and started caressing his hair. He kept the head down, staring at his teammate, and smiled brightly at him, despite the bleeding nose and the black eye. The smile was given back.

The four of them stayed in silence, before the agonizing man let out an exhale. Everyone turned to look at him and his mess of curly hair that rested around him. He had a hand resting on his tummy, and he kept the eyes on the ceiling.
“…did it, guys” was all he was able to whisper. He would have been unheard if it were not due to the cemetery-like silence that reigned over the City that night. His eyes somehow made it to every direction where his three teammates were. He was able to stare to the eyes at the black haired man, who smiled widely at him, and to the eyes of his leader. He could only see part of the man lying at his side, and then, he stared back up to the ceiling. And he, sincerely, gave them a smile. “…thank you”

“See ya, Ray” the black haired man said to him with a bright and big smile. “Take care”
With that, he closed the eyes and, with a last exhale, he finally gave up. After a few moments in silence, the leader started caressing the other man’s hair once again, and offered him a huge smile. The black haired one stared at his leader and blinked; the effort that was costing him that smile was bigger than anything he had done before. And he was sure the other dying man did not notice. What a man, his leader. What a man.

The red haired man smiled widely at the man whose head rested on his lap, and then caressed the man’s face a bit, with care.
“We did it, Mikey” he whispered with great joy but still a touch of melancholy, sounding like the father who is saying bye to his son before leaving to war; honest, loving, and smiling only to see his child happy, when all he wanted to do was to break down in tears. But not, just for the sake of keeping his child happy, unaware but happy. The man lying on the floor managed to widen a smile, as his eyes started to close. “We saved the world, little brother!” the leader whispered once again with great joy, hiding and containing the great pain of his injury.

He pressed that part of his body harder and tried to contain a groan. But the blood was too much; it had started to escape no matter how hard he pressed, and started covering his whole hand.
“You avenged me, Mikey” the leader said with a huge smile, caressing his brother’s hair once again. “You killed that bitch” he said and grinned at his brother, who laughed very quietly and very weakly, not minding the pain in his body when he did, as it would soon disappear. “I’m proud of you” the red haired whispered with a bright smile, and so the younger man smiled at him, too weak to thank him with words. “You’re a hero, baby bro…you saved the world” he used his free hand to pinch oh so very lightly the younger man’s cheeks, making him chuckle again as his eyes drowned in tears. “I love you”
“I…love you too…Gerard” the dyed-blond man replied in a whisper which took all of his effort, and even though a pair of tears rolled down his eyes, he grinned and laughed lowly and mutely once again.  

The red haired leader smiled widely; he had known his brother for too long to be able to notice the difference between happy and sad tears. And those were definitely the happiest he had seen coming from his brother. After some moments in silence, the youngest of the two sighed, still smiling.
“…love you too” he repeated. The red haired smiled sweetly at him, and tried to contain himself the best he could from the pain in his body, and just kept caressing his brother’s hair.
“Go” he whispered. “I’ll catch up in a while…”
“I guess so” the younger man whispered, and closed the eyes. “I wasn’t fast enough, after all”

Even though it sounded like so, Gerard, the leader, knew that held no guilt or sadness at all. The four of them knew what awaited for them after they had accomplished their mission. The four of them knew their destiny. There would be no sadness after seeing it happening; because they all would end the same. And they knew it. They knew it in the moment they designed the plan of the invasion. The dyed-blonde man opened the eyes again, and dedicated a last smile to his brother.
“See you” he whispered.
“See you” the leader replied quietly, and even though he wished to lean down and press a tender brotherly kiss to the younger man’s forehead, the pain in his stomach was too much to really even stand the only action of breathing.

He watched as his brother closed the eyes and gave a last sigh once again. And this time, he stopped breathing.

Long moments of silence passed by, before the only two remaining men looked up at each other. Their gazes stayed connected for a couple of moments, and instead of crying down for their friends and their own destinations that were way too close, they started laughing. The black haired man could stand more moments of laughing, while the leader could only keep on grinning, while pressing his injury with both hands this time, staring down and closing the eyes to try to focus on thinking it did not hurt, it did not hurt, it did not hurt on him.
“What a way of winning, huh?” the black haired man asked, closing the eyes and grinning happily, still sat and weak, with the head hanging to a side. He laughed and sniffed, moving a hand up to clean away a bit of the blood that ran down the side of his head. “I’ve never had so much fun before, man”

“Though I thought for a moment back there in the hall we weren’t going to make it” the red haired man said and chuckled afterwards, still staring down and holding his injury. “There were too many!”
“Good thing Green Rebel and his gang appeared right when needed, ah?” the black haired man asked, and he laughed. The red leader chuckled at his words, nodding in agreement, and none of them could stop laughing lowly and weakly out of mere joy. After a few moments of silence between the two, a small explosion of a machine nearby made them close their eyes and move a hand up in reflex of protection, but nothing harmed them. They stayed quiet again, and then, the black haired opened the eyes and looked at the other. “Ray was our hero, I think”

“We all are heroes, I guess” the leader sighed, trembling once again in pain. “You guys did an amazing job; must have been at least twenty against the three of you” he said with admiration as he carefully put his brother’s head off his lap, and, with great effort and groans of pain, hissing and aching, he managed to approach the black haired man, going on his knees, until he was at his side. Once there, he turned around at the same time he carefully let himself fall onto the other.

Gerard rested his head on the other man’s shoulder so his back was against the left side of his teammate instead of sitting at his side, while the younger man opened a space to him in his lap, and rested his head softly onto the bright red hair of his leader, who closed the eyes, cuddling against his friend.
“You were great, Frank” the leader whispered in a tender voice only lifelong lovers and first-time lovers would talk with. “I couldn’t expect less from you”
“But what can you tell me about yourself, sweetheart?” Frank asked with a sweet smile, closing the eyes as well and moving a hand up to caress the redhead’s hair with affection. “We fought the minions, but you had the big boss” he reminded. “What a way of fighting, I knew you were good at fist-to-fist, but wow” he chuckled. “You’re way better at martial arts than I thought you were”

After that statement, he opened the eyes and moved slightly away, moving his right hand up to get a soft touch of the leader’s chin. He made him turn to look at him, and their gazes met in an incredibly strong bond that could almost be touched in the air, while the universe exploded in their pupils like every time their irises met
“You’re America’s hero, my Gee” the black haired man whispered. “We’re going straight to history, with you as the leader who defeated the bad guy, and saved the world” he whispered softly and with a lot of affection to the man trembling in his arms, and he pulled once again very tenderly from his chin, leaning in closer. Their lips met very softly, and both tasted the blood, the sweat and the dust which covered both of them. The skin of their mouths stayed frozen for a few moments, before locking in together, moving very softly, in imitation to the waves of a calm sea.

After a few moments, they got away but their gazes stayed connected. Death had added its sweet sparkle of arrival in both of the hazel eyes that could see nothing but one another into the silence of the night. After a few moments, the leader closed the eyes and rested his head back onto the other, who smiled and returned to the earlier position, with his head onto Gerard’s, hugging him and caressing his hair with the same hand, and breathing along him.
“…you’re going before me, aren’t you?” Frank asked quietly, not with sadness but pretty much blankly, like it was an everyday question.
“…I think so” Gerard replied weakly, letting out a groan and throwing his head slightly back. “I’m…bleeding too much…” he whispered. After a few moments in silence, he directed his gaze to the dead woman by the entrance of the room. Her hand still held the sword. Only half of it shined under the moonlight that peered in through the window; the other half was darkened by blood. “You know? Our hero here is Mikey” he stated quietly. “I could have taken care of the big bad guy, but…” he groaned in pain, and put both hands in the injury once again. “…but, when I turned around and saw her…”

He remembered, at the same time the images of just a couple of minutes ago flashed before his eyes; the way he had finally gotten to take the gun from his enemy and had shot him right in the heart, and the way he quickly turned around, only to find, as soon as he did, before he could have even fully turned, the sharp, terribly sharp metal cutting his skin, getting into his entrails, and making the way out through the other side of his body, all in less than half a blink of an eye. He had widened his eyes and lost the breath, freezing right in his place, and saw her standing at a few inches from him, sword in hand. And just as she took it out to slash out a final cut to the head or the neck, a shot of a ray-gun hit her right in the head, getting rid of her. Before falling down to his knees and later on entirely to the floor, holding the cut and bleeding a bit too fast, Gerard had looked over his shoulder, to find his brother, already agonizing, already on the floor, with the gun in hand.

“…when I saw her” the leader repeated after the images had flashed before him. “I thought we had failed; the three of you had already fallen, and if Mikey had not killed her, she would have killed me before I had the chance to realize she had faked her death out in the hallway only to come later when we were weak enough to be a piece of cake”
“Mikey would save you even if that was the last thing he would do in his life” the black haired man stated with a smile and a nod of agreement. “Which he did”
“He’s a hero; avoided the plan from getting ruined” the leader stated. He pressed harder onto the injury he had, but there was no way he was stopping it from behind. “Ray’s a hero; protecting all of us at the same time, and still keep the style” at that statement, the black haired man laughed lowly. “You’re a hero; so agile like always…and if it weren’t because you pressed the button on time, the gates would have shut down and the Killjoys wouldn’t have made it into the City. We all would be screwed now”

“That’s because I’ve always had a great leader” the black haired complimented back, kissing the head of the man at his side. He tasted a bit of blood there as well, and wondered just from how many injuries this man was losing blood. He stared down at him, and found him so pale he looked like the son of the moon. “Who, apparently, is leaving now”
“…I have no regrets, you know?” Gerard whispered to him. He shifted a bit against Frank, who closed the legs a bit as if wanting to hug the man who was sat between them, and he pressed the head of the red haired closer to his neck. Gerard breathed heavily but very slowly. “Lived good until the Helium Wars…fought for what was good and right…” he groaned in pain and trembled harder. It was clear it was hurting more with every breath he gave. “Had my own time…great times…saved innocent ones…” then he softened his body and calmed a bit, as if giving in to the pain, and sighed. “…fell in love…”
“And it was reciprocate…” Frank whispered to him tenderly, kissing his head once again.
“…and saved the world, now” the leader finished. He had closed the eyes very softly, and a small smile made its way to his lips. He stayed in silence, and Frank noticed, as the man was in his arms, that he had stopped trembling. Gerard, finally, had given up to the pain, and was in the last breath. “…listen, Frankie” he whispered. He waited some moments in which all they heard was the night, and the far away chirping of fire, which did not scare them, but rather soothed them by knowing it was the bad stuff which was getting lost in ashes, and there was no danger behind the flames. They breathed the dust of the room, and if stars made a sound, that would have been the only other thing to be heard.

The leader chuckled with joy.
“Imagine, Frankie…” he whispered weakly, and his body started slipping down as his head hung low now. The black haired man wrapped his arms around him and pulled him up again, keeping him there, and kissing his head tenderly. “Once people recover their mental health…they’ll start re-building the USA hand in hand with the Killjoys…” he whispered, smiling with joy, but not able to open the eyes anymore. He groaned, and his hands, by then, were painted in red as if though he had put them in a bucket with paint. “…maybe they’ll make nature come back…and they’ll finally create a place to live in, with no mind control, with justice…” he murmured. “…like it’s meant to be…and there won’t be more fights…no more ray-guns and bad guys…”

Frank smiled at the kind words of who he admired as his hero. The man he was holding was happy, happier than he had ever been before…not for another reason but because of the future ahead. A future he would not even see. If that was not a role model, if that was not a hero made true, Frank had no idea what could be.
“We did it, Frankie…” Gerard whispered, half-opening the teary eyes, and grinning weakly, still held by the younger man. “…we did it…”
“We did it” Frank agreed in a whisper, hugging the dying man closer. He leaned closer to press a kiss to Gerard’s cheek, and then shifted him a bit in arms. “Mission accomplished, my leader…” he murmured sweetly as he gently moved a hand down towards Gerard’s stomach on his right side, where he still pressed on his injury, very weakly this time. “…time to go now” as he said that, he softly and gently moved one of Gerard’s hands away, while he took the other in his own.

He locked their fingers together, feeling the hotness of the blood that covered Gerard’s hand like he had put it inside his own entrails on purpose, but not minding it as he gripped softly his loved one’s weak hand. As he held his hand and held it away of his injury, the blood started escaping at a much faster speed this time, free on its way. Gerard hissed and lost the breath a moment, throwing his head lightly back, before he merely let out a sigh and gave in to the death by bleeding.
“Time to go” Frank repeated in a sweet whisper, holding Gerard’s hand in his own, staring sweetly at him.

Gerard used the rest of his strength on looking up. He gave his last gaze to Frank, and both looked at each other a few moments, before leaning in closer. They kissed for merely a few seconds; nothing too passionate or dramatic. Then, Gerard rested his head on Frank’s shoulder, and hid his face in the crock of his neck. He closed the eyes and sighed. He felt as if though something inside him had disconnected, and so one by one his organs were following the order, until he felt numb.

In the arms of the man he loved, with a world recently saved, and his life purpose filled, Gerard widened a weak and tiny smile, with his hand being held softly in the one of who had given him the best life he could ever imagine.
“I love you, Gerard” Frank whispered very quietly to him, kissing the side of his head, and never letting go of his hand as Gerard made his way into death. “I’ll see you soon, my dear” he promised into his ear. “Now sleep…you deserve this rest…”

After years of fear…years of fighting, years of bleeding, years of paining, of crying, of suffering, of being in the pressure of expectations, of leading a revolution and rebellion, after years of all his extra-human hard work…after achieving a last, rough goal…

“…peace at least” Gerard whispered softly, thinking in both the world and himself. Smiling at his last words, Frank kept him in arms in the same protection and love of a mother with her newborn, and stayed awake until he felt Gerard’s last tremble.
Dead in his arms, the leader marked an end to the best story he ever lived.

A few seconds passed by in the silence of the night. The redhead had abandoned the pain of his body, and he looked much more peacefully asleep than the other two fallen men. Frank, on his part, and once he let enough time pass by with Gerard dead in arms, final let out a groan and a pair of tears result of the physical pain. He could have been the most alive one of the four, but he had been agonizing the whole time as well, and only then did he allow himself to show away the real pain that haunted him. He groaned and almost screamed a bit for moments, long seconds in which all he did was finally ache as it was needed.

The pain soon won against him. He suddenly felt it did not matter anymore; like the lights had been turned off not in a snap, but fading. And the pain had become numb; numb enough for him to stop, breathe, and spend a few more seconds. His sight was failing. The images were shaky and confusing. Once realizing that, he chuckled. He listened as the sounds of the quiet city faded even more, until he noticed he was going deaf and blind. And he thought of the city. And he thought of its future.
And he thought of Gerard.

“…peace, at least” he whispered with a half smile.
With a chuckle, Frank stared as the dizzy images faded gradually to black, until he let himself loose. He gave his own last breath. There, in his dying place, he kept the eyes closed, the head hanging low, a man in his arms…

And the hand in Gerard’s.


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